Refuge balto


Your donations are essential to save lives.


A section of our hotel has been fitted out for the Balto Refuge.

Our refuge needs you.

We need food for Oven Baked puppies all breeds, food for puppies and adults, food for ‘gastro’ canes.

If you have toys, Kong style, Benebone style bones, for small and large dogs, no plush, toys that do not come apart, so that they do not fall apart. dogs swallow bits and get sick.

We also need donations, which will be used to cover all costs, ie: vet costs, accommodation, food, drugs, treatments, etc

Adoption costs are based on the necessary care determined by the veterinarian.

Note: There is a 10 day trial period on all adoptions.

All adoptions are formalized when the dogs are sterilized and the final contract is signed.
Until then, they remain the property of Refuge Balto.

Form for adoption

All adoption requests that do not meet the criteria of the chosen dog will be rejected.
Only selected families will be contacted.

Dogs for adoption

Form for adoption

Online store coming soon …


In order to provide quality dog ​​care, cleanliness, good hygiene and socialization …

It takes a lot of investment of time and patience from our VOLUNTEERS

Between 110 to 140 hours each week!
7 days a week


  • Take the dogs out individually in the outdoor courtyard and collect the droppings
  • Breakfast for each dog individually as well as fresh water and medication as needed
  • Take the dogs out to the outside yard and collect the droppings
  • Housekeeping of each room
  • Cleaning of common areas
  • Do the laundry to ensure clean blankets at all times
  • Wash bowls
  • Take the dogs out to the outside yard and collect the droppings
  • Interact with dogs, play and cuddle time
  • Siesta period
  • Take the dogs out to the outside yard and collect the droppings
  • Interaction with each dog
  • Preparing suppers
  • Take the dogs out to the outside yard and collect the droppings
  • Hugs
  • Last exit outside in the courtyard and collect the excrements before the night’s sleep.


  • Ensure the transport and preparation of the necessary stock to receive the dogs at the Refuge
  • Prepare the rooms for their installation
  • Receive and analyze documents related to each dog
  • Open folders
  • Show each animal with their description for our website
  • Take the photos, make the posters for the dogs to be adopted
  • Preparation, drafting of forms
  • Receive and read each application
  • Answer calls
  • Return calls
  • Sort applications and make calls
  • Receive each family and analyze the potential of adopting families
  • Make the period procedure try
  • Complete the adoption procedure
  • Follow up during the trial period and after.
  • Prepare each dog sheet with their individual cost
  • Ensure good management of volunteers, and help as needed with the care of residents.
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