Hello my name is Shelby.

I’m a nice dog but I really like to hunt. So I would need a family without animals so that I could hurt no one. Preferably childless. I like to be quiet and I don’t have the energy level to be with children. I like playing with my quick quick, I don’t destroy my toys, I like treats. I’m fast and I run a lot so I’ll need a good class to exercise myself. I like to take walks and smell everywhere. I aaaaaddddooooore also take naps a lot.

I’m sticky with my master despite what my race says. However, I prefer women to men, I am fearful with strangers. I listen to to my master. I choose my master. I know my basic commands, come, sit, lie down… I need a fenced yard so I don’t run away, I like it ‘adventure. I haven’t had surgery yet, so I’ll have to do it soon to fix this problem. Adventure also says I like road trips. I am an adorable dog that a family who knows me well asks for and who will give me the place I deserve in a house.