female, 11 months, 13kg, Group B+ 


She came to approach me happily when I entered the run. She jumped up and tried to play with my hand. (tail up and wagging, mouth open, body relaxed, ears back). She followed me around for a bit then walked away when she got bullied by her friends. She has just recently moved into the run and staff said she had no problem with other dogs. Outside she was nervous but could walk nicely around a busy area. She had no problem walking around noisy areas. She stopped and looked at dogs and people when she saw them. She got a bit nervous and stopped walking when she saw people walking. She would continue to walk when I called her. Off lead she was not confident and walked around when she first entered the off lead area. She explored calmly and was not interested in playing with toys. She followed me around when she got nervous. K.Mali. Needs time to adjust to new situations 


Maggot infested wound