male, 3 years, 22kg, Group A/B 


When I went inside, the dog was lying in a cement ring. When I approached, he licked his lips often and moved backward, then came to approach me, sniffed me, (Mouth open, body relax, tail up and wagging). When I touched his head, he licked his lips, yawned. The dog likes to stay alone, and has no problems with other dogs. After that the dog came to approach (Tail up and wagging). The staff put the lead on for me, when he goes out, the dog explores confidently, the dog walks well, he was no problem with other dog, (Body relax, tail up and wagging, Mouth open,). After he heard sound the dog barking, he was sitting down. Licked lips. He was not confident when touched, after that, he began to stand, looking around for the sound, then started to walk again, tail wagging. Off lead he explores around calmly and confidently, did not approach and was not interested in playing with me or toys. Easily called and could put the lead on. 


8/21 RTA/pelvic fx(Lt lium, pubic, Rt femoral head, Rt Gr.trochanter, pubic)/implants sur/LHL amputation,  EC AP /doxy given, 11/21 cystitis