female, 1 year, 15kg, Group B 


She came to approach me when I entered the run. She jumped and tried to play with me. She kept running back and forth to me and the sala. (tail up and wagging, mouth open, body relaxed, ears back) the staff said she doesn’t start a fight but if there’s a fight, she’ll always join in. She was confident walking outside her run(tail up, body soft, mouth open) but as soon as she got to the hospital area, she started to get nervous and pulled the lead to go back to her run. (tail moved down). She was nervous walking around the construction area where there were many people. She moves away when she sees others walking. Off lead she was not interested in playing with toys. She explored around. K.Mali. Note: This dog has been able to go out with numerous members of the behaviour team, but some volunteer coordinator staff have reported that the dog is scared to walk with them or with some volunteers. 


To stay puppy, CCV survivor(neg 30/6)