male, 2 years, 13kg, Group A/B


He didn’t come to approach me when I entered the run, he was not scared or move away, he just followed the staff in the run. He was walking around and came to approach me after I sat down and played with other dogs. (tail up, mouth open, body relax, ears forward) the staff said he is a good boy. He doesn’t fight or cause a problem. He was excited and confident to walk outside. (mouth open, body relax, tail up, ears back) He got a bit nervous when he was walking around the hospital area because he heard vehicles’ noise. He didn’t run or try to pull the lead, but his tail went lower. He was not scared to walk around many people and interested when he saw another dog. He would sniff the air as they walked past him and continue to walk away. Off lead He was not interested in playing with toys, he would explore around calmly.


OS enucleation (Exophthalmos), CCV survivor