female, 10 months, 12kg, Group A/B


The staff told me that the dog had no friends and no problem with other dogs. When I entered the dog was with other dogs, I didn’t see any problems. She approached me when entering the run, tail up and wagging, body was relaxed and excited, mouth open, ears up, she jumped on me, mouthed my Lead and my trousers. She loves attention, and was crazy about treats. I could touch, I noticed that she had fun playing with the other dogs. She could easily walk out the airlock. Outside she could walk everywhere, her body was relaxed, mouth open, tail up and wagging. She likes people and is interested in other dogs, she came to approach strangers with ears back, jumps on them, and some she licked their face. She was not scared outside. Off lead she explores confidently, body was relaxed, tail up, ears forward, she is not interested in any toy, she approaches, love pets, she is crazy about treats. I give her some, she eats fast. She loves rolling on the ground. Easy to call in the airlock. After walking I noticed that’s she get bully by another dog, tail down, body low, mouth closed, licking lips, eyes averted, then the staff broke up the fight, she went back to normal again. 


Rt hemiparesis  (susp C1-C5 lesion)