male, 4 years, 16kg, Group A/B, front leg amputee.


He is confident in the run. When I first got into the run, he wasn’t interested and didn’t approach me. He’s on a cement pipe, is alone and doesn’t play with his friends. Then he starts paying attention to me and approaches, he is normal and not excited. When I get close, he is gentle and can be touched (Body relax, mouth open, tail wagging, ears back). The staff said he had no problem with the other dogs. Outside he walks well, he is confident and can walk in all areas. He likes to sniff and explore. Walking through the construction site, he wasn’t afraid. He was relaxed and surveyed confidently. With the other dogs, he wasn’t interested and could easily pass by. Off-Lead he confidently surveyed the surroundings. Initially, he was interested in the environment outside off-Lead, not interested in me. Then when I call him, he’s interested and runs with me, he isn’t interested in toys. 


LFL amputation on 27/8/19, Dermatophytosis (+M. canis)