female, 5 years, 15.7kg, Group B+


She came to approach me happily when I entered the run. She followed me around and tried to play with me. She jumps up on me and bites me gently. (tail up and wagging, mouth open, body relax, ears back). The staff said she was grumpy and growled at other dogs if they got close to her when she first came to the run. She got better and calmer nowadays, she could get along with others now.  Outside she didn’t want to go to the hospital area and pulled me to the off lead when she left the run. I tried to hold on to the lead tightly to see if she would follow me. She refused to walk that way so I took her in the direction she wanted to go. (Tail low and wagging, body soft). She could walk confidently and nicely. She was not scared to walk around a stranger. She ignored it when she saw dogs walking near her. Off lead she was not interested in playing with toys, she loves to run around and roll on the grass.She would also explore around calmly. I could touch her and play with her. 


Both Hip DJD   

10/8/21: Sx. Plate @ both.femur,  

6/10/21: Sx.repair bend Plate @ Lt.femur > screws mild withdraw 

27/1/22: SNAP 4Dx E+ (Doxy done)