male, 3 years, 20kg, Group B+


He is confident in the run. When I got in, he was interested and jumped at me. He’s excited and has a lot of energy. He likes to nip on my arm (Body relaxed, ears back). I noticed he bullied yesso. He snaps at his butt. But the staff said he had no problem with the other dogs. He likes to play with Aliszara. Outside he was confident when he came out. He walks well and is active, he likes to explore. He can walk in all areas. He is not afraid of anything. He is strong and sometimes he pulls the leash. He isn’t interested in other dogs. He could easily walk past other dogs. Off-Lead he confidently surveyed the surroundings. He isn’t interested in toys and doesn’t play. He is interested and likes to approach me. He is friendly and likes to be petted.  


HW+, E+ (Doxy + Imiticide + Cage rest done), PCR E. canis -neg