male, 2 years, 14kg, Group B+   


When I went in, he was interested and approached me. He’s excited and has a lot of energy. He’s cute and friendly to me (Body relax, mouth open, tail up, ears back). The staff said he had no problem with the other dogs. He was confident when he came out. He walked well, he only walked the area around the lake, he didn’t walk to other areas. He likes to smell and explore. When I tried taking him to a new area, he got scared and resisted, then tried to pull the leash back (Body not relaxed, tail down). He has no problem with other dogs, he can easily pass by. Off-Lead He confidently surveyed the surroundings. He isn’t interested in toys and doesn’t play. He was interested and he looked for me. He is gentle and likes to be petted. The leash is easy to put on and remove.   


9/21 LFL paralysis chronic severe wound >> Amputated & Rt hip luxation >> Rt FHO, L7 old fx & luxation, coccygeal fx 
17/12/21 SNAP 4Dx: A +, E+ 
No history of urinary incontinence