male, 1 year, 13kg, Group A/B 


When I went into the run, he was staying with other dogs. He approaches with tail up and wagging, body was relaxed, he has no problems with other dogs. He allowed to touch him when I went to sit on the Sala. He always liked to bite my socks and pants. When I reached out my hand to him, he looked slightly nervous. I was able to put on a leash for him and easily walk out to the exit door. Staff told me that he had no problem with other dogs in the run. He likes to pull the leash and bite the feet of the staff, too. When he first walked out on the run, He seemed relaxed, calm all the way to the lake But when he saw dogs walking past, he seemed interested and walked in, sniffed and followed the dog. When we enter the off lead, the dog moves head away from touch. The dog then explores calmly, approaches, doesn’t play with me or toys. He was scared of strangers. After off-lead, I noticed that he was more nervous and scared. He pulls the leash, does not relax. I stroked him, but he wanted to go back to the run (Panting, body was not relaxed, tail down.   


Abandoned or lost dog