About our grooming

We are aware of the anxiety that grooming can cause an animal. Our groomers are trained to notice any behavior that shows any discomfort, irritation or aggression. Your dog's mental health is what matters most to us. Grooming is done by our professional groomers who are attentive to the details and well-being of each animal.

Services offered


All our grooming includes washing the ears and eye area, claw cutting, underpaw haircuting and ear waxing if needed.


The bath includes a shampoo adapted to the need of each dog as well as a conditioner if necessary. The bath also includes brushing and combing so that your dog's hair is soft and silky.


The complete mowing is offered and sometimes necessary if the dog's fur is too matted. We advise the complete shave when the dog has too many knots to brush out in order to avoid making him suffer by pulling on all these matts. Full mowing is also a very popular option to clear the dog of discomfort or for seasonal reasons.


Our groomers are trained to give your animal a unique look. If you're not sure what will look good on your dog, our pros will be happy to help guide you.

Cat Grooming

We also offer cat grooming services. All our groomers are trained to adapt to the reality of a feline which is very different from any other animals when it comes to grooming. You have access to experienced and trusted groomers for your cat.

À la carte services

The Complexe Hotel Balto offers  à la carte services to give you access to necessary services, at a low price. You have a choice of options including claw cutting, brushing / combing, eye cleaning, haircutting around the eyes, brushing teeth, cleaning face, ears and ear waxing