female, 1 year, 12kg, Group A/B, back leg amputee 


When I went into the run, she was staying near the gate, tail up and wagging, body was relaxed, ears back, she licked my hand, was excited. She approaches, I couldn’t touch her because she moved away from touch. I didn’t see that she had any problem with other dogs in the run. She was sleeping under the Sala, then I called her out and tried to put a lead on her. She wouldn’t let me put on a leash until she had nowhere to go. I was able to walk out the exit door without her having problems with other dogs.Outside she can walk anywhere. I could stroke her while walking. She had a little stop when she wanted to explore or sniff something, she would lie down, then she would move on after she had enough. She was interested in other dogs, while other dogs walked by or were in the off-lead. She was interested and then walked away. She wast interested in strangers. She likes to explore. Off lead she explored confidence. She isn’t interested in toys (I noticed she was scared when I threw Tennis ball at her). She likes to play with me, approach and pay attention, she likes me to stroke her as well and she likes to stay near me, and could be easily called to the airlock. Body was relaxed, mouth open, tail up and wagging. She rolled over and showed her belly. 


Lt knee joint luxate/ Lt proximal tibial epiphyseal multi fx,>> Lt HL amputated