female, 1 year, 16.8kg, Group A/B 


She is confident in the run. She was interested and approached me. As she approached me, she got excited and jumped at me. She is friendly and likes to play with people (Body relaxed, mouth open, tail up and wagging, ears back). The staff said she likes to bully the other dogs when she enters the run (after a walk). Outside she’s confident, she’s excited and active. She likes to sniff and explore. She’s not afraid of anything. Wants to walk in every area (Body relax, mouth open, tail up, ears forward). When she saw people, she was interested and wanted to approach. She is friendly with people. With the other dogs, she is interested and wants to get close but she is not aggressive. Off-Lead she surveyed the surroundings confidently. She is playful and likes to play with people. She doesn’t play with toys. The leash is easy to put on and take off.


14/10/21 Wired at Rt maxilla and Lt caudal mandible, 13/1/22 SNAP 4Dx: A+ (Doxy done) PCR CDV -ve