Mia is the long haired tan dachshund, she is 11 years old, she was adopted when she was 5 from a family where she was traumatized by the vacuum cleaner and other loud sounds. She is an anxious dog, but it once you gain her trust, she’s a great dog. She’s in great shape except has a few articulation pains sometimes. She is very well trained and is very affectionate. She like to suck on her stuffed animals to fall asleep. She can bite if she’s extremely anxious, but it is very rare.


Pixel is a 6-year-old brindled female with short hair. She’s very playful and in great shape but has a bit of weight to lose because she’s a glutton. She is anxious and barky as well and she is afraid of strangers and can snap. Best not to be with young children. She is mostly housebroken but also was taught on pee pee pads. She is very affectionate with the members of her family, likes to sleep glued together and under coverages. She has a lot of tarter on her teeth despite her young age. She’s always lived with her sister Mia.


Both dogs are very attached to one another, they need owners who know the breed and who live in a home and not an apartment because they bark. Experienced Owners only Please. Mia can fit with young children, but for Pixel, it will be more difficult because she can fear bite. They always received regular veterinary care


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